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Making Nourishment Deliciously Easy

Chia Smash is our better for you  'jam.' Bursting with real fruits, packed with chia seeds and sweetened only with dates, Chia Smash is made to taste great and make you feel great. No refined sugars. No artificial ingredients. No preservatives. You can trust every bite.


What is 'Smash'?

Real. Simple. Ingredients

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How do you Smash?

Spread ~ Swirl ~ Dollop ~ Dip

Chia Smash is more than just the partner to your peanut butter, here are just a few ways we like to smash.

Where to Find Us

Live in NYC? Us too! Come find us on the shelves at some of our favorite grocers and speciality food stores around the city. We're constantly growing, so keep an eye out for more pins dropping in NYC and beyond!

This tastes better than real jam, and it's healthier!

So great! I love that it's not overly sweet and that it's made with healthy ingredients!

Great on toast, in baking or in overnight oats!

Since cutting out sugar I've been missing jam, and this really filled a void for me.

This is genius!

I actually like this more than regular sugary jam!