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My name's Anna and I'm the founder of Oswald. I grew up in Sydney, Australia, and it was there that my ethos around food - eating simple, nutritious meals that celebrate real ingredients - really began. 

Now living in Brooklyn, New York, I started Oswald to create simple, delicious, and nutritious foods that challenge the conventional norms in the food industry and bring joy and inspiration into everyday eating occasions.  

Chia Smash started in my kitchen for myself - swirling it through morning yogurts and overnight oats, dolloping it onto pancakes and waffles on the weekend, and baking up a batches of goodies. Realizing the state of jams and jellies available on the shelf today (sugar, sugar & more sugar), and knowing I couldn't be the only one looking for a fun, fruity staple that could give me that sweetness without the sacrifice, we launched the business, and invited all of you to the Chia Smash table in 2019. Whether you're upgrading your PB&J, or getting creative in the kitchen, I hope you love it as much as I do! 

Stay simple & smash it